Month: April 2017

40 Boat Tattoo Designs

If you look at our collection, in fact, you will find a combination of complicated drawings and colourful shapes. These are real masterpieces conceived and [...]

5 Different Shades of Purple Wedding Colors

Violet is a combination of blue and red, which can be used in any time of a year. This bright peacock inspired wedding color palette is just [...]

Home Remedies for Hair Growth

Having long, thick, and lustrous locks is a cherished desire of many. This makes the problems of thinning hair or hair loss very upsetting for some people, [...]

Top 10 Winter Wedding Color Ideas and Wedding Invitations for 2015

I know most brides love to have their wedding day in summer or fall, and fall is my favorite season as I said many times before LOL, however, winter is [...]

How to Perform Hip Flexor Stretches

The hip flexors are a group of muscles including both muscles of the hips and upper thighs. Your hip flexors move your knees into your chest and also [...]

TOP 10 Worlds Cheapest Exotic Travel Destinations

We may have left the summer far behind us, but if you are not into the winter sports or the cold temperature, you can pack your summer clothes for the next [...]

50 Most Prominent Hairstyles for Women Over 40

Bob haircuts are great for women with heart shaped and oval faces because they draw attention to a slim jawline. Because the style is neither short nor [...]

20 Breathtaking Shots of Splits In The Wild

It's about time we give a shout out to any individual who can do the splits. Mad props go out to the talented ladies who can manage to do the splits while [...]

Home Remedies for Ingrown Hair

Ingrown hair means a type of hair which is appeared on the skin suddenly or from the childhood and is also named as  Commonly that type of hair have [...]

12 Great Stretches for Tight Hip Flexors

Most people have tight hips, but just because they're tight doesn't mean they need to stay that way. Loosen those hip flexors and open your hips up with 12 [...]