22 Incredible Watercolour Tattoos by Klaim

These incredible watercolour tattoos are among the most unique and beautiful out there. Watercolour tattoos incorporate bleeding ink, bright colours and bold blacks for an effect like no other. They bring to life a surreal intrigue and impressionist creativity usually reserved for gallery walls. Whether an expression of individuality, a proclamation of faith, a portrait of past struggle or a reminder of new found strength, watercolour tattoos capture the core of artistic expression with a mysterious sublimity rarely seen. Watercolour tattoos can be viewed as a merging of two ancient crafts in contemporary times. Both tattooing and watercolour art have long, rich histories that can be traced back for thousands of years. Yet it may be the current popularity and broader acceptance of tattoos that has opened the door for further experimentation with tattooing, pushing the boundaries and exploring possibilities. More and more people are getting tattooed and are looking for new ways to stand out and express themselves. The development of watercolour tattoos could be a result of such new found acceptance and exploration

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