4 Cheap Healthy Meal Plans for Families

One of the most common reasons I get online, besides Facebook and Pinterest, is to look up recipes and meal plans. Let’s face it; cooking is a part of our lives — every single day of our lives, forever. Consequently, we often get bored with planning healthy meals for our families. I get so bored with it, I frequently tell my kids, “When it’s just me and Dad, I will spend Saturdays making a big salad, grilling a few chicken breasts, and making rolls. We will live off that all week.” The kids think I’m nuts. They have no idea. Sometimes, it’s not the boredom, it’s the finances. Every single visit to the grocery store, women discover the price of something has gone up. Good cuts of meat just aren’t in the budget right now and we can’t figure out how to get the protein right. We want to spend more on fresh fruits and vegetables but when we serve them, they don’t stick to the ribs like other, less-expensive choices; so we need some help in balancing it all out.

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