6 Best Yoga Poses for Neck Pain Relief

Whether you sit at a desk all day, are on your feet, or you’re feeding an infant, we carry a lot of tension in our necks. The constant tension and stress can cause the muscles and ligaments to shorten and tighten. It’s more than just a pain in the neck, but it can restrict movement in the neck. So what’s the best medicine when you wake up with a stiff neck, or you have chronic tight neck muscles? Once again, yoga to the rescue. With yoga you can move your neck in its six primary directions to lengthen and stretch the muscles. It can prevent chronic neck pain and treat sudden onset pain from sleeping poorly. We’ve pulled together our favorite yoga poses for neck pain relief. If you have a chronic neck problem, speak to your doctor before beginning a yoga program and work with an experienced teacher. Move mindfully and stop if you experience any pain whatsoever.

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