Fat loss

How To Lose Tummy Fat For Real

Do you lead an overall healthy lifestyle and pay attention to eating low fat foods, yet still cant see your abs when you look in the mirror? Wondering how [...]

Fat Loss Diary Week 2

Well although my last update was exactly 2 weeks ago… I’m sad to admit that I had a pretty bad actual “week 2”. I pulled a muscle in my neck, went [...]

Exercises to Lose Belly Fat 8 Most Effective

When people talk about having “stubborn body fat,” they are 99% of the time referring to their stomach and love handles. This is because belly fat is [...]

How to Lose Belly Fat Fast 8 Proven Steps

In fact, when losing weight, it is one of the last places fat seems to budge. Many people have experienced the frustration of losing a few pounds and still [...]

How To Get Rid of Belly Fat For Good

The best way to measure belly fat is with a tape measure. Take the tape measure and wrap it around your torso so that it crosses over your belly button. [...]

28-Day Flat Belly Challenge

Our 28-Day Flat Belly Challenge is a four-week ab workout that dares you to complete an intense twenty-minute workout every day for twenty-eight days. [...]

5 Moves to Banish Back Fat

Ready to bring your sexy back… with a sexy back? A strong back is a powerful asset on a woman and a trouble area we oftentimes hear complaints about. Who [...]

Drink this DIY Beverage before going to bed and Lose Belly Fat

Ingredients: 250 ml water Lemon juice (from half a lemon) Ginger (2cm cut in small pieces) Handful of parsley leaves A cucumber – diced Preparation: In a [...]

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How Im Preparing For Pregnancy AKA My Preconception Diet

True story: to freak me out and annoy me, my husband used to awkwardly rub my belly and in a disgustingly creepy voice whisper to me, “I’m gonna put a [...]