STEP ONE: Apply lipstick or matte lip pencil over the entire lip area. My favorites are {she’s wearing Poppy above} and (Fiery is also an amazing matte [...]


You might have seen the 1990’s brown lip that I did on Sarah Hyland at the VMA’s last month (if not, check it out), or Kylie Jenner sporting it around [...]


Remember my from last Summer? Well, there’s also something quite pretty that happens when a popsicle stains your lips! But this time I wanted to see [...]

16 Unbelievable Lipstick Designs That Will Change The Way You See Makeup

That’s why I’m always awed by people who take their makeup application past DIY to the next level, making a true art form out of the process. It’s [...]

Get a new look everyday with seven shades of lipstick

se a coral pink shade This shade of lipstick is very natural coral pink lipstick shade . It looks like you have just bitten your lips with your teeth. It [...]

12 Adorable Peach Lips for 2014

Among all kinds of lip colors, the peach lips are the most commonly seen shade as they can go along well with many eye makeup looks. The lovely peach lips [...]

Poison Apple Liquid Lipstick Matte Metallic Liquid Lipstick

Some settling may occur due to the nature of the formula, so give your tube a good shake before application or swoosh your applicator wand around in the [...]

Bell Vegan Shea Butter Lipstick

Add a moisturizing pop of color to your pout with our long wearing Vegan Shea Butter lipstick. Naturally pigmented with 100% minerals, our lipsticks are [...]

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But what can I do, if I am literally in love with everything I share with you D What would be a point to share something that I am not so crazy about Today [...]

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