DIY HAIR LOSS Mask – Natural Beauty Remedy

DIY Hair Loss Mask Ingredients: 1 tablespoon olive oil 1 teaspoon of vitamin A 1 teaspoon of castor oil 3 drops of vitamin E Juice from a half of lemon One egg yolk. 1.Put all the ingredients in a bowl. Mix it with a fork until the egg yolk gets homogenized with the oils and vitamins. 2.Use a hair dryer on your hair, for 1 minute, just to open your scalp pores. 3.Apply the mask on your scalp, roots and hair. 4.Put a shower cap over your hair so the egg doesn’t dry. Over it, wrap a towel to keep it worm. You can also use a plastic bag instead of a shower cap, if you don’t have one. 5.I prefer to sleep with the mask on but you can decide how it’s best for you. Either way, keep it on for at least one hour. 6.Rinse the mask on and then wash your hair. Be careful, because if you don’t wash it properly it will turn greasy, quick. DIY Hair Loss Mask -Tips to improve it 1.I also add Vegetal Placenta to my mask. 2.For restarting regeneration, I use this treatment every day for 7 days and afterwards once a week. 3.After you finish the treatment, apply only vegetal placenta 3 times per week, for 3 weeks. Vegetal placenta is not oily so you won’t need to wash after it. You can use it before you go to bed, massage your scalp and roots with it and then leave it to dry.

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