Lose Weight By Walking

Go back to the basics and take a walk. Really! Hitting the pavement every day for 30 minutes or more can help you drop the pounds, improve your heart health and boost your mood. If you’re at the beginning of your weight loss journey, this is a great place to start. Make a commitment to yourself and draw up a schedule for your walks. Some days, it might make more sense for these walks to happen after dinner or during lunch at work, perhaps in the morning before your begin the day. You can also split them up if you’re already juggling a jam-packed day. Make the commitment and keep it because you can’t do any of those other things you have planned if you’re not healthy enough! Once you get into a groove, check out some of the most popular walking workouts available. Prevention developed the 8-Week Walking Plan centered on burning fat by increasing your walking speed each week. You can also up your game with Leslie Sansone DVD workouts that will bring some fun into your step. Check out how one mom started her 70-pound weight loss journey with walking.

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