Red Velvet Cupcakes

My favorite part about this post, ok, maybe not my favorite, but the ‘pinteresting’ part: Jon has never had a red velvet cupcake, or cake, or anything red velvet, ever, in his life. And he still hasn’t, even though I’m posting this for his birthday. I actually made 48 of these cupcakes last week for a baby shower and loved them soooo much I knew I needed to post them immediately. Jon didn’t have a single one because he’s been dieting. In 4 months he’s lost 40 pounds. Amazing, right?!?! I’m so proud of him. Of course the first thing you wonder, “how’d he loose the weight?” His simple answer, “it’s amazing how eating right AND working out actual work.” He isn’t a huge fan of cake, in general, and he REALLY isn’t a huge fan of cream cheese, or cream cheese frosting, or cheesecake. He also doesn’t like frozen yogurt, or ‘frogurt’ has he calls it. Have pity on me, please. Here’s the thing about my husband (in addition to all the weird food things I said above): he’s not easy to shop for. He plays the guitar. Great, maybe some guitar ‘accessories?’ Except, you don’t ‘accessorize’ guitars. No bedazzling, or puffy paint, or glitter on those things. I guess I could get him new guitar strings? That’s sexy. Buying your husband new underwear is even less sexy then buying him guitar strings. So that’s out. I figured it out! He sorta hates how much I’m on my iphone, or twitter, or pinterest. He’s coined the phrase “that’s pinteresting.” Mockery at it’s finest. One of my husband’s ‘love languages’ is quality time. Sooooo, for his b-day present, I gave him the gift of no kitchen time. Instead, I’ll devote that time to HIM. And since I made these cupcakes LAST week, I didn’t have to be in the kitchen at all. Birthday present, check (quality time). Happy Birthday Bae. You’re wonderful! I’m so incredibly blessed to call you my husband, and my baby daddy

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