Tutorial How To Use Blush As An Eye Shadow

When you start makeup as a beginner, you are either so young that your parents are unwilling to buy you all the things you want or you are so reluctant that you don’t want to buy multiple things. That is when the theory of multitasking comes to the rescue! You try using your lipstick as a blush, your eyeliner as your bindi, your eyeliner pencil as colored lip liner, your concealer as nude lipstick, and of course, your blush as your eyeshadow. Using the same product for multiple purposes saves money and even space when you have space for very few products in your small bag for makeup on the go. I am going to show you how to do an eye makeup using a blush. Since blushes are supposed to give you only a light flushed look, it is not as pigmented as normal eyeshadow, so you will have to use a good primer/concealer underneath this to make it more vibrant and to prevent it from creasing less and lasting longer. You also have to be careful in choosing the blush shade as it usually comes in shades of pink or peach and certain shades when used as eyeshadow can make you look sallow, or even like you have eye infection.

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